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 When you eat well and are active, you make the most important steps towards an overall good health with minimum levels of stress.

A healthy lifestyle is the most efficient, effective and long lasting treatment and there is no one who cannot benefit from such a way of life.

It is though understandable that people do not know how to change their way of eating or dieting, and that is why nutrition consulting  exists. We at Sri Specialized nutrition consulting provide individualized nutrition consulting.

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We provide Individual counseling for:
·         Diet for healthy lifestyle changes
·         Weight loss and weight management for adult and children
·         Diabetic Management and Gestational Diabetes
·         Cholesterol lowering diets
·         Hypertension lowering diets
·         Renal diets
·         Diet for food intolerance and allergies
·         Diet for different GI problems
·         Guidance in following Vegetarian diets
Our Specialty services include:
·         Diet analysis
·         Tips for shopping - shopping tour
·         Tips for dining out
·         Healthy Cooking demonstration - as requested
·         Menu planning
·         Complementary recipes
·         Educational materials
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